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BIKE CHECK: Jesse Jesseppi by fixiegc
July 11, 2012, 12:24 pm
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This weeks bike check comes from Jesse who enjoys the riverloop circuit and encounters of the third kind. This week he ends off to FIXED FEST follow this blog for event updates!

Frame/Fork:  Affinity Kissena / Alpina Carbon fork w/ alloy steerer
  Ridley ergo road bars
Fizik Arione Crabon Rails Sexy rubbing Platform / Thompson elite Silver
Time Attac’s, cos I’m all about the sneak attacks and not taking turns and shit
SRAM Omniums Silver (Extra Strong Man edt.)
SRAM Truvativ (Extra Strong Man edt.)
Front Wheel:
FIR Laced to C Record.
Rear Wheel
FIR Laced to C Record single sided track rear. super rare. got them from Sir Chris

I double wrapped the bars with cork then Velo orange leather tape, I just found that when I got on the bike I would get sweaty palms from all the chicks looking at me, its hard to perform all the time every day without fault, but that’s a story for the bibliography. I don’t wear gloves either, something about putting dainty covers over your precious hands just screams “cant take the pain, ill fake a flat”. So sweaty palms, to combat that I installed the leather and it just soakes up all the sweat, and one day ill sell the used tape on ebay, it will be super vintage.

What is your favorite part about the bike?
me on it. Affinity were kind enough to send a full size mirror along with the frame so i could ‘mire myself on it.. innit. Apart from that I really like the purple headset. Someone had a go at me the other day saying something about purple being some uber cool blogger dudes colour, I told them I would race said blogger for it. They walked off so I guess the colours mine now.  patent pending.

Describe your bike setup and how you like your bike to feel.
thats a bit personal isnt it? Well I had a frame before this one that was a little on the small side, it was not a huge problem, it just got pointed out by a very knowledgeable person and i took his sage advice and upgraded to a larger frame. I had my eye on the kissy for a while, making a certain someone take it down off the ceiling height rack  at the shop many times so i could ‘mire it up close. I loved how the frame felt on my cheeks and around my mouth, it was just so smooth, and the roughness of the huge fuck off welds were just this tantilising contrast between the smooth tubing. I found that if you rubbed it from tube to weld you get a nice rythm going. is that what you meant?

Why did you build this style of bike?
olympics in 2 weeks brah. I built this bike for the scene, for the kids and most importantly for all the people who have always wanted a mojo bike and just needed that visual push of seeing me ride by and pop an uber skid to log on and build their own sweet build with awesome colours. I also built it for me to ride tarck, I was not getting enough respect on my mash.

How does it feel in your hands?
I feel like OJ simpson driving his ford bronco down some LA highway

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