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To the council by fixiegc
May 15, 2012, 9:28 pm
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Photo credit: Marty Drdy

The following message was sent to the Australian Bike Polo Council in regards to hosting next years polo champions.

“On behalf of the GCBP community we wish to withdraw our bid for the 2013 AHBPC.

We’d like to thank the Sydney and Brisbane polo community for their support on the bidding process and input towards the tournament.

We are still developing the sport on the coast and are working towards hosting a few social tournaments. We’ve had a lot of set backs since returning from Nat’s this year. For a tournament on this scale alot of factors have to line up finical, political, amenities etc just to name a few.

I am aware Christchurch as also pulled there bid, I think this reflects on how hard it is to host a national tournament and the council should work towards on making tournaments like these easier to host with the amount of knowledge of the sport.”

Thanks again to everyone who has supported the Gold Coast bid we really appreciated your time and input.
More Polo less Politics

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