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DC x SE PK Ripper Fixed Gear 2010 Review + Pre Launch Event by fixiegc
June 1, 2010, 10:27 pm
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SE Bikes and DC Shoes have done an exceptional job over the years at meeting the demands of riders with its collaboration efforts. The two companies first collaborated in 2007 with ‘30 Years of Radness’, a limited edition project to celebrate SE’s 30-year anniversary. Coming to the market in 2009 was the DC x SE PK Ripper Fixed Gear, which received mixed reviews. Today, DC and SE have teamed up once again to bring you a PK Ripper Fixed Gear for 2010. After 2 months of rigorously testing the 2010 model, we have reached a consensus on the latest PK Ripper:

In 2009 the DC x SE fixed gear collaboration captivated the fixed gear world with its appeal – and this year’s revamp is turning out to be no different. Like its predecessor, the PK Ripper for 2010 is a fixed gear bike with accents of nostalgic BMX influence. Its floval tubing, bear trap style pedals, landing gear fork, and loop tail rear end are some of the hallmarks found on the PK Ripper that were prevalent in the ’70s BMX era, including some of the earlier PK Ripper collections.

Additionally, the DC x SE PK Ripper features a number of modern components. A set of orange Velocity Chukkers, accompanied by two Vittoria Randonneur tires, add a 2010 feel to every trick comp. Its Velocity rims have a non-machine brake wall, so braking is better left for another rim. (That’s, of course, if you choose to install a brake.) Its 3-piece SE cranks house a pair of X-Pedo XCF06AC pedals, a positive upgrade to this years collaboration.

Though SE’s 2009 version had plenty of charisma, the frame scored below par for its durability – but that was last year’s model. This year, SE’s Retro 6061 Alloy Frame features welded reinforcements between the top-tube and head-tube, resulting in the ability to withstand the heavy abuse associated with BMX style riding on a fixed gear bike.

In its 2010 collaboration with DC Shoes, SE was conscious about offering consumers a comfortable ride. The DC x SE PK Ripper is offered in seven different sizes by its manufacture, ranging from 44cm to 58cm for more of an individual fit. Oury Mountain Grips, which are a favorite among us, were passed down to the 2010 fixie. A 46t alloy chain ring was paired with a 17t cog for an all around good trick/commuter ratio. But, one of the more obvious comforting futures to the bike is its saddle upgrade. The lightly padded SE Super Classic seat replaced 2009’s hard plastic one for additional forgiveness.

Its price might take some for a bit on the expensive side, retailing for $1,000(US). However, there are very few complete fixed gear trick bikes being produced by bicycle manufactures. If you add that to the fact that SE will only be manufacturing 1,500 DC x SE PK Ripper 2010 Fixed Gears for world-wide distribution, $1,000(US) can be easily justified for this piece of art.

If you wanna check out the PK Ripper close up be sure to come to the official Pre Launch Event , Heaps of prizes up for offer

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